Somewhere in the deep recesses of our minds lurks a dream we keep to ourselves. Readers often find themselves in the world they are reading about in the book they hold in their hands right at that moment. There are moments when they sometimes find themselves wondering whether they could write something similar. It may be all about romance, suspense or even fantasy. I am no different, except my mind has created my very own fantasy world where magical beings exist and fantastic events occur. But everything my brain created remained just that, dreams and imaginations.

Until we went on a road trip along the coast of Oregon and California where my husband and I were able to visit the Redwood forest and the Sierra Nevada mountains and an idea formed in my mind. The strange but wonderful feeling I got, while in the presence of the old and majestic Redwood and Sequioa trees, made my imaginative mind run amok. As we walked into the forest, it was so easy to imagine elves living with  these awesome trees, maybe even within their trunks or among the branches. I combined these ideas with another idea that’s been circling my mind for decades about a gateway that could take a person from one world to the other (much like Narnia’s Magic closet) and there my story began.

In my fantasy world, magic existed and strange beings were the norm. It doesn’t matter whether they have already been mentioned in other books or not. It was my very own magical world and I could create mystical beings and scary monsters the way I imagined them. Of course when I was writing my characters I still made sure they had some connection with the real world or with the fantasy world as we know it today. Take, for example, the elves who have played a role in numerous fantasy novels written throughout the ages. Then, there are the Flatheads who I created after observing the back of the head of a person standing in front of me in church. I wondered to myself, “Hmmm…I wonder if I could create a creature with a flathead in my world.” ( I am sure God wasn’t happy with me right then because my mind was wandering into another world when I was supposed to be listening to the priest’s sermon. 😁) The antagonists, the green monsters, are a cross between Tolkien’s orcs and reptile zombies. Don’t ask me how I ended up with this idea, but like I said, I just wanted to create my characters. I wanted my antagonists to look scary and be ruthless to a point.

My story was supposed to be a short one, maybe enough to become a book. However, as the story flowed from my brain through my fingers, onto my computer keyboard and into the computer screen, words just kept coming and ideas kept popping until the outline I prepared prior to writing expounded into a trilogy. The focus was taken away from the gateway idea, turning it towards the Darkstone. I found my life consumed by this story. After sleepless nights and days where I barely remembered to eat, The Darkstone Trilogy was born. I had my niece and my sister as my beta readers. They were kind enough to give me unbiased comments and helpful suggestions which helped me create my fantasy world.

I had no plans of publishing any of the books, however, friends encouraged me to go ahead. So, I looked into ways of getting it published and after trying to submit it to a few publishing houses, I learned that it is very difficult to get accepted unless you have an agent. This just discouraged me and I left the manuscript in my computer for a whole year. Finally, someone suggested self publishing and after a few months, my very first book, THE HEIR:Darkstone Trilogy 1,is now available. 😊

(I’ve provided a link so you could check it out.)