“Kale,” Mona called from the kitchen, “go buy some bread from the baker, please.”
“is it just bread you needed, mother? Or would you like some butter and eggs as well from the store?” Kale asked.
“Some butter would be splendid, dear.”
“Wait, wait! Can I come, too,” Kayla cried as she rushed into the kitchen. Kale gave her an annoyed look, but she didn’t let that faze her. “Please, Mona, tell him I could go.”
Mona looked at her son, who sighed heavily, “alright, let’s go.”

The straw on the thatched roof of the houses swayed in the wind, even as the sunshine caught on the different colours of the walls. Plants and potted flowers brought life to the quaint village. A stray dog happily dug on the earth on one side of the cobbled path. Villagers smiled and nodded their heads towards the pair as they neared the Town Center.
“Kale, we’re going to the lake to swim,” Robbie called from their front yard, “want to join us?”
“Sure, what time?”
“We’re meeting up at the town square and then leaving from there.”
“Okay, I’ll be there,” Kale hollered as he continued walking. He could feel Kayla staring at him and he knew her next words even before she opened her mouth.
“Can I…”
“No, you can’t. It is stictly for boys and no girls are allowed to tag along,” Kale stated firmly.
“I said no, Kayla. Girls do not go swimming in the lake with boys. Ever. So do not even think about insisting on going or even telling Mother. She will agree with me on this one.”
“Hmp! Fine, I will just go to the meadow and play with my animal friends. Maybe I’ll climb up a tree and see how all the baby birds are doing up there.” But her attempt to goad Kale didn’t seem to be working because Kale just walked faster, determined to be at the town square before his friends left him. Kayla pouted and stomped her feet a little as they continued on their way.
The sound of laughter filled the air as Kayla skipped beside Kale’s longer strides. Seeing children at play always brought a smile to her face and everyday, the children of Ilandry always ran around, playing tag along the cobblestones path in front of Shana’s bakery.
“Kayla, Kayla,” the children ran towards her, hugging her legs as they gathered around her.
“Hi, everyone,” she smiled, “let me go inside and get some treats first and then we can have fun.” The little hands let her go as she stepped towards the merchandise store.
“Hey, Kayla, please get some butter while you are there,” Kale called to her. She turned her head and just lifted her shoulder, giving him a smile before heading the other way. Kale found himself smiling to himself and shaking his head as he walked into the bakery to get the bread his mother wanted. It will be fun to enjoy the water in the lake. The spring weather has been warmer than usual and the coolness of the lake will surely feel wonderful.