It was very early in the morning, just before sunrise, when I decided to take a hike in the forest. It was a cold morning and dew from the trees landed on my head whenever a slight breeze blew. The sound of my footsteps on the forest floor joined the beautiful songs of the birds up in the canopy of trees. The sounds of the forest and the tranquility of my surroundings brought peace to my soul, quieting my mind and bringing me to a place of zen. I was enjoying the state of my mind too much that I failed to notice the thick fog surrounding me until I found myself in the thick of it. I walked cautiously, taking one step at a time, hoping that I would not walk into a tree ad smack my face on it. It probably took about twenty steps until the fog slowly cleared and I could see everything again. I looked back and could see the strange thick fog behind me. Shrugging my shoulders, I continued on with my hike, positive that the fog would lift by the time I’m on my way back to the cabin.
The sudden rustling of leaves caught my attention, stopping me from my tracks. I became alert, aware of all the possible dangers that might be lurking in this strange forest. Thoughts of a hungry bear looking for his breakfast entered my mind. I hid behind a tree and peeked in the direction I thought the sound came from. My eyes almost bugged out when I saw this strange being foraging among the surrounding berry bushes. I quickly searched for my phone in my pocket and started taking pictures.

The sound of clicking from my phone’s camera caught the being’s attention. He turned his head and looked in my direction. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest, sending blood rushing to my ears. I am pretty sure my face turned white in fear and my mouth was most probably hanging open in shock. This strange being’s slit of a mouth stretched into a smile and when my eyes met his, there was amusement in them. He tilted his head to the side, probably assessing me as much as I was assessing him.
“Hello there,” he called to me, “I am Ot and I live in this forest. Welcome.” I am embarrassed to say No words came from my mouth due to the shock of what was standing not very far from me. The fact that he could talk and was actually speaking to me boggled my mind. I guess he realized that I was scared because he spoke again.
“Do not worry, I will not hurt you.” I still couldn’t answer.
“Are you lost? Maybe I can help you.” Finally I found my voice.
“Oh no, I am not lost. I am staying at my friend’s hunting cabin not far from here and just decided to take a hike in the forest.” A mysterious smile appeared on his face.
“Ah, and you walked into the fog, didn’t you?” I looked behind me and saw the fog in question several meters away.
“Yes, I did,” I answered skeptically. I still wasn’t sure what kind of being I was talking to and whether I was safe. For all I knew, he had tribesmen hiding in the bushes preparing to ambush me.
“I can see the questions in your eyes and the fear in them, as well. I am by myself and I have no intention of hurting you. Come and walk with me while I forage for some food.” Something in his smile and the way he spoke told me that I should go for a walk with him. Against my better judgement, I stepped away from behind the tree I was hiding from and approached him.
We walked for awhile and the conversation we had was very enlightening and fantastic. He told me things about himself, his clan and the existence of elves and other being’s I’ve never heard of even in fantasy novels. He even asked me if I wanted to meet Kayla, the queen of a faraway land, who was staying at his dwelling at present. I had no clue who this Queen Kayla is, and where her kingdom was, so I declined and thanked him for the offer. Besides, the sun was already high and it was time for me to be heading back. Ot took me back to the fog and informed me that I should walk back the way I came from. Apparently, I walked through some mystical gate which brought me to his world. He said that I would probably find myself in bed, just waking up and will only remember everything as a dream.
Everything happened just as he said, yet I could not forget that strange experience. So, I decided to write down what I remember. I know it wasn’t a dream because I still had the pictures I took on my phone.

I wondered where I could find more information about flatheads because I have never heard about them until now. After some investigation I found the only source I could use to learn more about them. THE HEIR:Darkstone Trilogy is the only book I could find and it is only available online at the moment. Maybe soon I would be able to find it in bookstores or even the library. Well, I better get reading to learn more about my new friend. Toddles.

OT is a flathead with a big heart, a generous soul and is the leader of their clan. Notice how the back of his head is flat, thus the term ‘flathead,” and his face is domed. His hair is like moss, his skin is brown, his eyes black, his nose on the flatter side and his mouth is just a slit. His features compliment the colours of the forest, giving him a perfect camouflage. His limbs are long and his muscles are strong and firm. He does not wear clothing, but uses leaves to cover his privates. He lives in the forest near the foothills where the Oracle is believed to reside. Flatheads are partially vegetarian and live on whatever the forest and the gods provide them with. Mostly, their diet consists of leaves, berries, nuts and bugs. They used to be nomads, moving when their food sources become low in that area and then start searching for another spot to dwell in. However, being out in the open leaves them vulnerable to the elements. It was after one particularly bad storm which left them with casualties and many of their belongings destroyed that pushed them to find better shelter for their own protection and well being. With the help of some newfound friends, they built dwellings located near a stream and a hot spring which made the area an ideal place to live in.