If you’re reading THE HEIR:Darkstone Trilogy 1 just like me, you must be curious about the Oracle the healer of the flatheads mentioned and the forest where she could be found. No one is sure whether she is real or not since no one knows how to find her. So, of course, the idea of going back into the forest to cross that fog and finding the Oracle in her forest kept popping in my head.

Fuelled by the nagging feeling inside me, I went back into the forest the following morning, taking some water and granola bars with me just in case I had to hike up the mountain.
I walked through the same path I took where I found Ot, keeping my eyes open for the fog. Surely I would find my way back to their world if I take the same route. After some time, I felt like I’ve been walking for miles and still couldn’t find it, not even a trace of some kind of mist. The sun was already high in the sky and I was now certain I won’t find the magical path to Ot’s world.😥

It would seem that the Oracle is indeed elusive and it might well be that she does not want to see me because she does not have a message for me. Or else she knows that the only reason I want to find her is to prove to myself she is real and that I would take her picture and show it to the world.😁

Maybe this long weekend I will get the chance to find the magical fog and hopefully find the Oracle’s forest. Who knows, maybe I would even get to speak to her. After all, it would be nice to get a free reading of my future. 😂(Keeping my fingers crossed)