The power of an image is stronger than words…

…thus I leave the description to your interpretation of Ot’s dwelling as described in the book, The Heir:Darkstone Trilogy 1.

Sorry for the late post, there was no wifi in Ot’s world. 😉

As you can tell, I was able to find the fog (not the one with the pirates in them 😁), and after walking through part of the forest,  I happened to walk into a clearing and lo and behold, guess who welcomed me to Littea…Ot! As usual, he gives me his mysterious but friendly smile and invites me into his home. I tried to take pictures from inside his dwelling, however, they didn’t quite turn out great. Maybe I didn’t have enough light inside, who knows? So, all I could provide you with are the ones above to show you how it looks like from outside.

While I was visiting, Ot fed me a scrumptious salad with berries, nuts and some kind of leaves that tasted awesome. There were some tiny black things mixed in it that I really didn’t want to know what they really were since I thought I saw tiny legs on them. 😝 But, hey, the meal tasted great and I was hungry. Besides, I’d hate to offend my host.

During our talk, I tried to ask him whether he can help me find the Oracle ( ssshhhh….I didn’t tell him my motives for finding her) but he couldn’t really help me. He did inform me, though, that if I wanted to try, I was welcome to do so, but it would take a few days. Having been forewarned, I decided to go back to the cabin and prepare for a short hiking/camping trip and hopefully find the oracle this long weekend.

So, here’s hoping I will find my way back to his world in the morning.  (Still keeping my fingers and toes crossed)