When I started to write the fantasy story that’s been circling my brain like hungry vultures eyeing a rotting carcass, all I could think about was: “I have to get these words that seem to be pouring out from my mind and onto my keyboard quickly before I miss something.” Then, I wondered, wouldnt it be nice if someone could actually read what I wrote and enjoy it the way I enjoyed writing it? I didn’t think that I would actually get to publish it, let alone share it with people who were really interested.

Now that the book is available, I am finding myself more active with social media. I have to say, I have always just been a lurker on Facebook. I would comment, share or like something here or there, but that was very rare and the post would really have to catch my eye or touch my soul. I am more of an introvert because I’m shy. I do not find it easy to start a conversation with other people unless I’ve known them for awhile. But I guess there is always a time when one must get out of their shell and learn the ways of life as most people know it. 🙄

After the book was released, I found myself opening a separate Facebook account, a Twitter account, registering with Amazon’s  Author Center, Reddit, and starting a blog site. To be honest, I had to search in google so I could see which is the best blog site to be on. Out of everything, I love having this blog site the most. I have another one from another site, but I did not find it as interesting as being here on WordPress. There is the feeling of being a part of the community here. 😊 What with all the prompts a blogger could use as an inspiration or a trigger to write about something. Anyway, so now I am finding that my life has turned into a worker bee’s life. It feels like I always have to be on top of things, think up ways to keep the interest going and let the readers out there find the book. It could be exhausting!  Creating a blog post is a saving grace because it stimulates my imagination and gets my writer fingers typing.

All I wanted was to be able to write, transfer my thoughts, my imagination and the world I create onto ‘paper.’ Yet, I feel overwhelmed with all these social media stuff that I barely know how to navigate. I remind myself that a writer is not a writer at all if no one reads what he or she writes. Because what’s the purpose of it all if you don’t share it? 🤔 I tell myself that just like a meadowlark calling in a field, I need to let the world know my book is out there!”

As I trudge on like an elephant 🐘 in search of water in the African desert, I try to keep in mind that the reason I write is because I like people to read what I create and that they will find enjoyment and insight in my creation. So, in the midst of the busy life I have right now, I WILL KEEP WRITING! and I hope that you will keep reading . 😉