I wanted to start my mission of searching for the Oracle right away. Ot warned me that it would take me days to at least reach the area where she is usually seen, if she wants to see me. However, as I was looking for provisions for my impending hiking/camping trip, I realized I needed to go get some supplies. According to Ot, it would take about a fortnight in their world. The time over there is four times of what the real time in our world is. So, I’m calculating this in my mind and my travel  would probably take about a week. 😞 That being said, I won’t be able to post any updates for you while I’m away. Hopefully, I don’t get lost in their forest. 😱 Otherwise I’m doomed…

Make a list. That is what I need to do first. What are the basic necessities I can bring. These must be light and easily packed. Emergency supplies, just in case. Then I have to check what I need to purchase. My list was quite long and it took me the whole day to find everything I needed. Oh, and while I was at the camping store, they warned me about bear sightings in Alberta and that bear spray was selling like pancakes at the moment. Hmmm…Ot didn’t mention any bears there, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. I ended up buying a couple, one as a reserve.

I have already packed most of the things I would need, as you can tell by the dots on my list. Just the last minute stuff I could cram into my backpack. I set out tomorrow morning. I hope I am able to find the fog 🙄 and cross over to that other world. Wish me luck on my journey! 😊