I ponder on the word Profound and I immediately think, ‘Deep.’ My thoughts then transcend into thoughts of the profound meanings of a poem, a story, a letter, an idea, the world around us, even the sea or life itself.

Anything ‘deep’ holds many secrets waiting to be discovered. Things which, in their elusiveness, are sometimes missed by most and only vaguely seen by some. In today’s world ruled by time, everyone seems to be in a hurry. What ever happened to “Take time to smell the flowers?”
From the moment the sun peeks and brightens the sky, to the moment the stars appear in the sky and we shut the lamp beside our beds and close our eyes, we seem to be in a rush. Always conscious of the time, watching the hands of the clock move. Every second counts. Every minute important. All this rushing makes us miss the possible secrets hidden within the cracks of the world and the people around us. Secrets such as love, true happiness, peace and contentment. Or even sadness, loneliness, or depression. Sometimes, things don’t even need to be profound or hidden from us. Sometimes they are just there, out in the open for us to see, and yet we don’t notice them, just like the beauty of the flowers in our neighbor’s garden, or the songs of the birds in the trees, the different shapes of the clouds above or the different constellations of the stars at night. When was the last time you noticed any of these things around you? When was the last time your really looked?

Just recently, a new species of whales was discovered. Who would have thought that in this day and age when technology seems to dominate our lives, there are still creatures in this earth as big as these whales that have escaped human knowledge up until 2013. These elusive creatures were described to be dark in colour, with snouts similar to a dolphin’s, and which can grow up to forty feet in length. According to speculations, their colour is what probably contributed to their elusiveness because of the difficulty of identifying them in the waters.

The existence of these whales is much the same as the things we could miss in our daily lives. Despite their size, we fail to see them, let alone notice them. The world we live in right now is all about ‘easy.’ Sometimes, because something is well hidden in the profundity of the words we read, or in the actions others do, there is a need to exert extra effort to think and understand it. This often leads us to intentionally ignore them, leaving us to barely scratch the surface of their true meaning. It is so sad to see that so much is being missed, things that could probably help make our world a better place to live in. If only people would slow down, take the time to dig deeper and try to look at what is hidden beneath and in between the cracks of life.