I have no idea what I saw…

I walked across the fog and was surprised to find myself at the exact same spot where I had that grizzly bear encounter. I smiled to myself, happy I don’t need to take the same route as the one I took when I was last here.

The scenery was as breathtaking as before and the weather was fabulous. Blue skies with an occasional cloud here and there. The gorgeous sunshine beating down on me was most welcome, a far cry from the rain that seems to be plaguing Alberta since July. It’s amazing because there aren’t any mosquitoes in this world at all either, making me think, “Huh! No Zika virus, West Nile virus or any kind of virus that could be carried by those pesky blood sucking insects during this journey.”

I happily trekked along the animal path I found.


The sound of knee high grass sliding through my legs with every step I made was distracting, despite trying to be aware of my surroundings. I tried to keep my senses on alert, just in case I have another encounter with the bear. But all I heard was the songs of the birds perched high above the trees in the forest. I purposely ignored the occasional whirring sound of the rapid flapping of some bee’s wings sometimes hovering above me. Or was it a dragon fly? Who knows? I was focused on making enough progress this time around. My determination of finding the Oracle filled my mind and I had no time to wonder about what insect kept buzzing above me.

After hiking for a few kilometres, I decided to take a break and sat under a tree similar to an Alberta pine. I took out a sandwich I prepared in the morning and just as I was about to take a bite, that whirring sound filled my ears once more.

I wondered to myself, “Why does this insect keep on hovering above me?” It certainly sounded like it’s wings were overworked with all the flying it was doing, so I looked up to satisfy my curiosity.

“Hmmm…strange. There’s nothing there.” I shrugged my shoulders and looked around me as I bit into my sandwich. A slight breeze blew, granting me a nice reprieve from the heat of the sun, it’s coolness felt marvellous on my skin after the exertion of the hike.

The irritating sound was back. I looked up and frowned when I couldn’t see any insect at all. I have never encountered an insect that smart, but I reminded myself that anything could happen in this strange world. Thoughts of the dryad’s story stayed at the forefront of my mind. I carried on eating my lunch and waited for the sound, eager to see what was actually making it. Maybe it was an invisible bee. Yikes! That’s scary!


I quickly looked up and saw something move, disappearing within the branches and needles of the tree. It’s size was bigger than a bee or a dragonfly. I used my palm to shade my eyes from the brightness of the sun, but couldn’t really see anything. Suddenly, an idea popped in my head.

“Aha! I could use my phone to see what it is exactly,” I thought to myself. So, I pulled out my phone from my pocket and laid it on my lap, touching the camera icon and flipping it like I would take a selfie. I leaned back to get a clear view of the branches above me.

My eyes boggled at what I saw. Something was definitely moving up there and I squinted my eyes and sneakily tried to adjust the phone to get a better view of what it was. I took several pictures and hoped I got something in them. Suddenly, the whirring started and something brown quickly flew to the other tree. I flipped the camera so I could use the phone like an ordinary camera and tried to focus it on the spot where I saw the ‘thing’ land.

“Oh my God, it had eyes!”I squinted, hoping to get a better look, but it hid behind all those leaves.

“Hello…” I called out to it, secretly wondering if it could talk or even understand me. There was no reply.

I stayed there for an hour or so, but I couldn’t see it anymore and no more whirring sound came. Finally, I gave up and continued on my journey, at some point I thought that I heard the faint sound higher above my head, but couldn’t be sure anymore. So, I decided to just ignore it for the rest of my journey.

As the sun started to dip in the horizon, I told myself I had to find a spot where I could spend the night. I found myself wishing I could go back to our world since I was excited to post the pictures I got. There was definitely something in those trees.
At the next bend, I noticed the path in front of me shimmer and before I knew it, I found myself in another forest. I frowned as I looked around me, confused as ever. It was starting to drizzle, but if I stayed beneath the trees, I’d be able to escape being wet.

“Sigh. I guess I better stop for the night.”

Once I finished eating and have settled for the night, I got my phone out to check the pictures. Lo and behold, I had cellular signal.

I am posting these pictures in the hope that someone out there could tell me what creature could possibly be up in those trees? Leave me a comment if you have an idea what it is, I am very curious to know.