What if there was a hidden door on the side of a rock cliff? A door that can only be seen by those blessed with “the Sight.” It will only open for those who are invited or those who belong?

There are glyphs along the borders of this mystical door. Symbols which have a hidden meanings…symbols that can only be seen and read by those with the ‘Third Eye.’

If you are lucky enough to enter this magical door, be prepared to be wowed. It is nothing like you have ever imagined.

There is no actual door, just a faint shimmering of the rock wall in front of you which opens into a tunnel. With every step you make, millions of bright shining stars covering the floor and the walls light your way. It almost feels like being inside a planetarium where heavenly bodies are scattered all around.

At the end of the tunnel, the sun is shining bright. The vivid colours of nature and the fresh scent of the air are the first things that will catch your eye. The tall, majestic trees standing proud at the edge of the gentle flowing stream entice you to look up where the clear, blue sky brings joy to your heart.

The fleeting image of a colourful butterfly may cross your eyesight, tempting you to follow its path with your eyes. It lands in a bed of colourful flowers of every color and size. Nowhere will you see such wonderful array of bouquet-worthy beauties.

Take a step, walk into this wonderful paradise.  The buttery caress of the grass under your feet make a soft swishing sound with each step you take. Keep your eyes open and your mind at ease. You’ll be surprised to see the magical beings that may be hiding within the beauty of your surroundings. They are watching you with interest and a smile on their faces.They are tall, fair and gentle beings with unsurpassed beauty…smiling, bright eyes, aquiline noses and soft, thin lips. A crown of leaves or flowers holds their long hair in place, preventing it from covering their faces whenever a gentle breeze floats by. They are clothed with long, flowing robes of various pastel colours. Every movement they make is held with such grace, giving you the illusion that they are floating.

You can’t stay in this realm for long, for you are only a visitor. Enjoy everything while it lasts, for alas, once you leave this wonderful paradise, it will only exist in your dreams. For this is how it always works…it is how they protect their home.

Congratulations, my friend, you have just visited The Elves!