I sit by the window as I drink from a steaming cup of coffee. The sun is just peeking from behind my neighbor’s roof.

A car drives by, it’s driver looking around the passenger seat. It seems he lost something and is desperately trying to find it.

“Watch where you’re driving, Mister!” I irritatingly mumble to myself.

It is so frustrating to watch drivers who don’t pay attention to the road. A part of me is glad it is early enough that no kids are walking on their way to school. I worry about them because of drivers such as the one that just drove by.

It’s the first day of school and the university is giving an orientation for whole week! Classes will officially start on Monday. I’d like to go to this orientation to ‘get to know’ the campus and the people I will be seeing and interacting with for the next few years.


I am not quite sure what this tightness in my chest means. It could be fear because I am embarking into an unknown journey with people I still haven’t met. Or it could mean excitement for the adventure this journey brings.

First year in university signifies a new beginning. A fresh start on a new track. An adventure where I would need to use my brain, my heart and my soul to get through it.

Wasn’t it just yesterday when I was having fun in high school? There’s track, playing ball, dances, going out and making lots friends? Of course, there was the homework and papers the teachers kept doling out, giving us an excuse to have study groups or opportunities for finishing our projects on a weekend.

Every now and then I’d hear about issues of the heart. Sometimes these issues feel like it’s the end of the world. I’ve felt this once or twice, cried some tears. Oops! Cried a lot of tears. Hugged my mom for comfort and ate the cookies she made. My world revolved around these issues. Little do I know that these are just wrinkles in the tapestry called life and there will be many more. Sometimes they wouldn’t just be wrinkles, but holes and tears. I have to remember not to focus on the ruined part of my tapestry. I do realize that when the time comes, it is my own strength that will help me make it through.

As I mature, I will gain more responsibilities, more experience and more knowledge. Life became more serious once I finished high school. I felt that I had to start seriously thinking of the future.

I imagine myself being a fledgling eagle perched high above the tallest trees. For as long as I can remember, my parents have fed me, provided for me and kept me safe. Now, the time to start learning how to fly on my own has arrived. Mom encourages me to spread my wings, stretching and exercising to make them stronger. Then one day, a day much like today, she gently nudges me towards the edge of the nest.

“Don’t look down, lest you fear the height!” I say to myself. “Keep your chin up and look straight ahead. Focus on the goal and not what lies beneath.”

She shows me how to spread my wings, stretching them far to her sides. I turn my head and look back at her, doing the same. Mom gives a loud shrieking cry, looking me straight in the eye and then nudges me out of the nest.

I shriek as I feel myself fall with the wind blowing into my face and through my feathers. The ground seems to come up to me in such a fast pace and my heart beats loudly in my chest. I am frozen, my mind is blank. It could not process what to do next.

Then I hear mom’s cry from above, waking me from my trance. I spread my wings and furiously flap them until I start gaining height. I swoop into the air and feel the exhilaration of finally flying on my own.

I may falter every now and then, but I remind myself to keep flapping my wings. Let the air under them carry me to new heights, giving me freedom to explore what the world has to offer.

Today is the beginning of my new adventure. Everything is now available to me. I will be the author of my own destiny. Whatever the future brings will be the product of my decisions and hard work. Mom and Dad will still be there to guide me every now and then, but whatever I decide to do will take me to my goals.

Wish me luck and watch me fly!