In the midst of the whirlpool which was our life came a ray of sunshine…that was YOU. You were just a bleep in a background of black and white. A little white light, blinking like a beacon as we stared at the monitor…calling out to us, saying: “Here I am, Mom and Dad!”

My heart jolted the moment I saw you. And right at that magical moment, I knew I loved you completely, unconditionally, and without borders. I would do anything for you, because you are my little angel.

I couldn’t help but wonder at the miracle of life. There you were growing inside of me. I couldn’t feel you yet, but I knew you were there. I’d find myself touching my belly, a mysterious smile on my face…a far away look in my eyes. I was trying to picture you in my mind.

Who would you look like? Would you have my eyes, and your dad’s nose and hair? Maybe you’d have my lips and my eyebrows, too. I’d try to catch my breath, because sometime during my imaginations, you took my breath away.

I wanted to tell everyone, shout it to the world. The happiness bubbled inside me like lava spewing from the mouth of an active volcano. My excitement would come in bouts and I would catch myself staring at nothing, thinking of you.

But just like in a storm, the ray of sunshine was slowly covered with clouds. Everything became greyer…gloomier… and darker, until you were completely gone.

How do we say goodbye to you, little angel?

Our hearts are broken, our souls are sad. But we’d like you to know that even for just a few weeks, you brought sunshine and joy into our lives. We might not have had the chance to hold you and show you how much we cared, but always remember that you will always hold a special place in our hearts.


Mommy, I will always be with you!

I was but a bleep, but I felt your love even if I was still inside you. And every time you would hold your belly and think of me, my heart would jump because I could feel the love flowing into me.

I tried to hang in there because I didn’t want to make you sad. But it wasn’t meant to be. I was called back and I had no choice but to go.

Please don’t be sad.

I promise I will always watch over you. I will be your guardian angel. I know you will keep me in your hearts forever, and that brings joy and peace to my heart.

I love you, forever, Mom and Dad!

Grieve for me, but rise up from the storm. Find that joy in your heart and bring back the smile on your face…for as I watch over you, nothing will bring peace in my heart except for the knowledge that you are happy as you go along in life.

Don’t get stuck in this grey and stormy stage of your life. There will always be sunshine behind those angry clouds. Look forward to a new day! I promise it will come…

I have to say goodbye now…please don’t cry.

I’m sorry I couldn’t stay, but always keep in mind that I will always be there, sending love your way.


I love you forever, my precious little angel.

Thank you for the time you stayed with us. Even though our time together was short, the rays of sunshine you brought with you were the brightest and warmest in our lives.