Stand Out
I borrowed this picture from a good friend of mine. The stark contrast of the yellow coloured leaves against the surrounding green of the evergreen trees struck me. Immediately I thought, UNIQUENESS.

In today’s society, people tend to try too hard to fit in to the greater majority. Whether it be to satisfy their need to belong or just be accepted by everyone, each has their own reasons. Some may do this in very subtle ways, though there are those who may go to the extreme.

Close your eyes and slowly exhale. Look back into your life for an instance when you actually did something just to fit in. Come on, be honest with yourself. It is innate to want to feel like you belong, that you are not different from the rest of the world.

Do we really want to be ‘generic?’ Don’t we want to be unique? Have our own identity? Be identified for who we really are? There is nothing wrong with being different. We were created to be unique.

How would you feel if everyone else had the same face as you? Walked the same way you walked? Talked and laughed the way you did? You might as well be a robot, created from the same mold as everyone else. It would indeed be a very boring world we would be living in.

Dare to be different!
Photo courtesy of Anj Gonon