The beauty of fall…

…reds, oranges, yellows and browns make the colour of this season. The starkness of the different shades of their colours insinuate STRENGTH, CONFIDENCE, BRAVERY.

When a person wears these bright colours, it shows that they do not fear the stares that others would be giving them. They are comfortable with who and what they are.

Being associated with this season would definitely need all these character traits because to be like the season that transitions the glorious days of summer into the dreary gloom of winter, one must absolutely be strong and confident enough to say: “hey, whether you like it or not, winter is coming!”
[That sounds so much like a popular phrase from a popular TV series based on a book. 😄]

I would like to be associated with Fall simply because I would like to be strong, confident and self assured. I’d like to be able to face change and accept it, to take everything astride.

Life is a constant series of change, and if I can take it the way Fall transitions Summer into Winter – with beauty, confidence and grace – then I could walk this earth as a happy person.

Enjoy the beauty of Fall!