Leaves gently fell on the forest floor, covering it with a carpet of brown, orange, red and green. Its layers cushioned each step creating a squishing sound every time my foot hit the ground.

A rustling of leaves to the left attracted my attention. I turned my head and right before me stood a stag in all its magnificence. Its antlers were spread wide, its stance proud and strong, its muscles firm. I almost felt like I had to fall on my knees in deference.

My eyes were drawn to its brown ones and a strange feeling envelopes my whole body. Almost like a sense of peace seeped into every pore and made me feel like I was floating. I closed my eyes and reveled in this wonderful bliss.

When I opened my eyes, I found myself standing in the middle of a clearing. The green grass felt marvelous under my feet. The sound of a waterfall caught my attention, making me turn around. A beautiful mini waterfall flowed from a hill, the clear water flowing into a small stream where a fish or two swam within its depths. The trees that surrounded the clearing were all green and their pine scent filled the air. The freshness of the air seemed to cleanse me to my very soul.

I frowned as I looked around. The stag was gone and I was by myself.

“Where am I?” I asked aloud. A gentle breeze blew from behind me and a shiver ran down my spine.

“You are in the land of the fey,” a voice behind me replied. I turned around abruptly.

There before me stood a beautiful lady in flowing robes of iridescent white. Her long, light hair gently fell on both sides of her shoulders, covering the whole length of her torso. Her skin was creamy and looked so soft and smooth. Her eyes had a gentleness that immediately put me at ease. There was a small, indulgent smile on her full, pink lips. Her regal nose slightly upturned, indicating some sort of royal blood flowing within her. Her whole being oozed of power, yet exuded a sense of peace.

“Who are you?”

“I am Mara. Welcome to our realm.”

“But how did I get here? One moment I was walking in the forest, the next I’m here in this beautiful place.”

“Orein brought you here. It would seem that he was drawn to you. He couldn’t explain it but something told him to take you with him.”

“Orein? Who is Orein?”

“He is the leader of our warriors in this realm. Orein was on his way back from an errand when he came upon you in the forest.”

“You mean the magnificent stag I saw as I was walking?”

“Yes. He is in another form when he goes on missions to the other side.”

“I am sorry if I confused you, my beauty.” The masculine voice that came from behind me made me jump and turn towards it’s direction.

I had to blink twice to get rid of the surprise on my face. The Adonis that stood before me looked like a Grecian god dropped down from the heavens. He stood over six feet tall, with muscles that were carved in perfect form. His long, dark hair flowed behind him in the gentle breeze. But it was his cerulean eyes that mesmerized me, holding my gaze and trapping me in limbo.

“Are you alright?”

I shook my head to free myself from his entrapping gaze.

“Yes, I am, thank you. You must be Orein?” He nodded and bowed in response.

“You brought me here?”

“Yes, I did.”

“But why?” Orein gave me a sheepish look and I heard a chuckle come from Mara.

“Orein, I shall leave you with our guest for now. After you explain yourself to her, take her with you when you come to the celebration.”

“Yes, my lady.”

I looked between the two strangers before me, my confusion evident on my face. Right before my very eyes, the air around Mara turned shimmery as she slowly disappeared. My eyes bugged out and my jaw went slack with shock. I must be dreaming!