Images of my life flashed before my eyes, much like how they describe it when one is in the brink of dying. I began to wonder if this is one of those moments.

My heart was breaking as my brain slowly processed the fact that  I was stuck in this world where these strange beings lived.

I would never speak to my parents again, nor see my brother Seph and my sister, Sarah.

I gasp.

They would all be worried about me because I didn’t tell anyone I was going for a walk in the woods. There would probably be search parties looking for me once they realize I’ve gone missing. Mom would be in tears and Dad would be holding her in a tight hug, desperately trying to console her.

Oh no! When they find my body, (if that was even my body) it would crush Mom’s heart. They would all be devastated!

Bastian would be heart broken! We were going to get married in the spring of next year! I was going to be a blushing bride, walked my down an aisle decorated with white lillies. Our vows would be recited under a bough of flowers and vines. All of our friends and family would be cheering once we were pronounced man and wife. There would be dancing and drinking and heavy partying. It was going to be grand! My fairy tale wedding! Now it wouldn’t be happening…

I pull my hair out with both my hands in frustration.

“What am I going to do? I have to  go back! I’m getting married!”

Orein dropped on his knees and pulled me into him. When did I fall to my knees and ended up sitting on the ground? My heart was in a panic, my mind going a hundred miles a minute. I grabbed onto Orein’s arm and held on tight, hoping that I could gather enough strength to face whatever is coming. Tears fell down my face and all I could hear are my sobs. My limbs lost all their strength and my body leaned onto Orein for support.

“What am I going to do? There must be some way to go back…”

My eyes felt heavy after all the crying I’ve done. I felt strong arms lift me just as I was drifting off to sleep. Blissful nothingness felt good right at this moment.