It’s funny how we don’t realize how much we touch other people’s  lives with the little things we say or do.

It could be at work, in the grocery store, along the street as we walk to work, in the train or bus, at the coffee shop or even while filling up at the gas station. For us, it is just something that we do as part of our routine, a necessity or a form of communication or relaxation. 

It could be a gesture as small as smiling at the other guy at the next pump, saying thank you to the barista who just handed you your coffee, reaching for the box of tapioca from the top shelf for the little old lady beside you, or being nice and courteous to your customer or patient. 

We could also touch other people’s lives with a picture you took and shared on social media, a painting you did and hang for all to see, a poem or a story you wrote in your blog. These can serve as an inspiration to someone, encouraging them to follow their dreams, or find hope in life.  

These are just examples of the little things we could do everyday which may affect others. 

That smile you gave or the ‘thank you’ you uttered could have shown the other person that someone cares, that he matters. 

The small gesture of helping that old lady or just plainly being nice to your next customer or patient could have eased their minds of worry and anxiety. 

It is sometimes good to remind ourselves that we are a small part of a big picture. What we say or do can make a difference. 

So don’t be indifferent to your surroundings. Be aware of your next move. Be careful of what you do or say. Smile and say thank you to the next person you meet today. You may just make their day!