WELCOME 2017!!! Goodbye 2016! 
‘Twas a year filled with challenges…yet am thankful for everything. 

It’s those challenges that help us grow into what we are and what we could become as we learn to live life. Whenever I find myself in a difficult spot, I remember a song of worship I learned in high school:

“Thank you Lord, for the the trials that come my way. In that way I can grow each day, as I learn to live. But if you’re hasty to change my ways, to put my human nature down, please let your spirit take control of all I do. For when those trials come, my human nature shouts the things to do, and your soul prompting can be easily ignored.” 

Such powerful and inspiring words…words that have made me strong when I faced the challenges thrown my way in the past year. 

I realize that I, indeed, am still very lucky, because despite all those challenges (of which I am still facing some of the remnants), there are still those whose situation is more dire than mine. Therefore, I should not complain, but instead be thankful. 

So, as the New Year arrives, I raise my glass and cheer. 

WELCOME 2017!!! I look forward to whatever you bring into my life…may I find the strength & patience to face it all. May the coming year be filled with JOY, PEACE and LAUGHTER the whole year through!