A new beginning gives us a chance to explore what lies waiting beyond the visible path before us. The sun will always be there, lighting the way…and though there may be shadows and sometimes dark patches along the way, we will always find the light if we keep on going. 

Don’t get stuck in one of those dark patches. They are necessary trials we face as we tread the challenging path of life. It is those trials that mold us and shape us. Yet, it us up to us whether we become better, the same or worse than what we were before. 

We should just keep in mind that there will be no light if there no darkness. For we won’t be able to appreciate the brightness the light brings if we do not encounter the shadows. 

The excitement of the unknown, as we step onto the path of this new beginning, holds promises of the challenges that life brings. 

Let us face it eagerly with strength and determination… let’s strive to keep going and try to focus on the light. Don’t dwell in the shadows, just keep going on and make this new beginning a start of something wonderful. 

Everything has potential…we just have to find a way to make it great!